ASL "He Grew The Tree" in Sign Language

Many Thanks to Jennifer (WorshipinPoetry) on YouTube for allowing me to sign her song. I just thought her version was so pretty and I wanted to speak it in Sign Language.

I first heard this song a few years ago when my pastor's wife sang it in church. I just fell in love with this song.

God Bless!


ASL (PSE) Vlog 05 - I Got My Sign Name! Yea!

I've been waiting for the chance to get a sign name. I finally was given a sign name by my new friend, Kathy. She said she gave me this sign name because I wear glasses. Ha ha! I attended a Deaf Picnic and got my sign name there. And, I learned 3 new signs: 'picnic', 'amen!' and 'workshop'. Cool! I'm happy! :O)

God Bless!


ASL Tara's Tutorial "Will You Be There?"

This tutorial video is for my friend Tara, who requested instruction on how to sign, in ASL, the spoken part at the end of MJ's song, "Will You Be There?".

Many thanks to Nan and Stephanie for all your help with the ASL translation! I came pretty close, but you helped me to get it just right. I hope I did it justice. :O)

I may, later actually sign to this part of the song. If I do that, I will upload it.

God Bless!