Long time, no posting!!

Wow! It's been months since I last posted! Been quite busy and not getting to the videos I want to do.

I do have some news though... I've started college!! Woohoo! Nearly 50 and just starting college, can ya believe it? Ha ha! I am in ASL Basic 2 just before starting my ITP (Interpreter Training Program) and going for my Associates degree in Sing Language Interpreting. My first class was fantastic! Great fun with a great Professor. I can't wait till next week! And ........ I'm not the only Grandma in the class! Ha ha ha!

I do have a few sign projects lined up... if I can just get to them... I want to sign "The Old Rugged Cross" - I have a country music singer/friend who is going to record the song for me so I can sign to it. I also have a request for a tutorial video for the song "No Envy, No Fear", and then maybe a few other requests. I'd better get crackin'! LOL

I'll hopefully post more soon...

God Bless!