"Lost Item" Story for my ASL Basic 2 class

We had to create a story about a lost item, giving a person's name, age, and at least 8 places that s/he looked for that item. This is loosely based on a true story. Ha ha!

"Lost Item Story"

My husband John, 44 years old, has glasses on a cord around his neck so he doesn't lose them. One day he couldn't find his glasses! He looked all over for them. He looked in the bedroom, under the bed... no glasses. He looked in the closet... no glasses. He went outside and looked in the car... no glasses. He looked in the garden shed... no glasses. Hmm... He thought and thought, then got an idea. He put on goggles and looked in the swimming pool... no glasses. He went to the house, on the front porch and looked... no glasses. He went inside, into the kitchen and looked in the dishwasher... no glasses. He looked in the living room, in the little table by the chair, in the drawer... no glasses. Then he went into the bathroom. He looked all around, then he looked in the mirror. He was surprised to see his glasses were on top of his head the whole time!

God Bless! :)

ASL "Life with Jesus is Better!" in Sign Language

This is a very short video I recorded for SonGear on Facebook. They make Christian Tshirts and wanted to see how many different languages their fans could come up with for the phrase "Life with Jesus is better!" So I recorded it in American Sign Language. :) God Bless! And... Life with Jesus really IS better!!

SonGear on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/songear


Long time, no posting!!

Wow! It's been months since I last posted! Been quite busy and not getting to the videos I want to do.

I do have some news though... I've started college!! Woohoo! Nearly 50 and just starting college, can ya believe it? Ha ha! I am in ASL Basic 2 just before starting my ITP (Interpreter Training Program) and going for my Associates degree in Sing Language Interpreting. My first class was fantastic! Great fun with a great Professor. I can't wait till next week! And ........ I'm not the only Grandma in the class! Ha ha ha!

I do have a few sign projects lined up... if I can just get to them... I want to sign "The Old Rugged Cross" - I have a country music singer/friend who is going to record the song for me so I can sign to it. I also have a request for a tutorial video for the song "No Envy, No Fear", and then maybe a few other requests. I'd better get crackin'! LOL

I'll hopefully post more soon...

God Bless!


ASL "He Grew The Tree" in Sign Language

Many Thanks to Jennifer (WorshipinPoetry) on YouTube for allowing me to sign her song. I just thought her version was so pretty and I wanted to speak it in Sign Language.

I first heard this song a few years ago when my pastor's wife sang it in church. I just fell in love with this song.

God Bless!


ASL (PSE) Vlog 05 - I Got My Sign Name! Yea!

I've been waiting for the chance to get a sign name. I finally was given a sign name by my new friend, Kathy. She said she gave me this sign name because I wear glasses. Ha ha! I attended a Deaf Picnic and got my sign name there. And, I learned 3 new signs: 'picnic', 'amen!' and 'workshop'. Cool! I'm happy! :O)

God Bless!


ASL Tara's Tutorial "Will You Be There?"

This tutorial video is for my friend Tara, who requested instruction on how to sign, in ASL, the spoken part at the end of MJ's song, "Will You Be There?".

Many thanks to Nan and Stephanie for all your help with the ASL translation! I came pretty close, but you helped me to get it just right. I hope I did it justice. :O)

I may, later actually sign to this part of the song. If I do that, I will upload it.

God Bless!


ASL "Here I Am to Worship" Sign Language (PSE)

Another favorite song of mine... well, I guess they all are or I wouldn't be signing them! Ha ha!