"Lost Item" Story for my ASL Basic 2 class

We had to create a story about a lost item, giving a person's name, age, and at least 8 places that s/he looked for that item. This is loosely based on a true story. Ha ha!

"Lost Item Story"

My husband John, 44 years old, has glasses on a cord around his neck so he doesn't lose them. One day he couldn't find his glasses! He looked all over for them. He looked in the bedroom, under the bed... no glasses. He looked in the closet... no glasses. He went outside and looked in the car... no glasses. He looked in the garden shed... no glasses. Hmm... He thought and thought, then got an idea. He put on goggles and looked in the swimming pool... no glasses. He went to the house, on the front porch and looked... no glasses. He went inside, into the kitchen and looked in the dishwasher... no glasses. He looked in the living room, in the little table by the chair, in the drawer... no glasses. Then he went into the bathroom. He looked all around, then he looked in the mirror. He was surprised to see his glasses were on top of his head the whole time!

God Bless! :)

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  1. Hi Kathy! I found your blog through other blogs. I'm starting ASL classes in September. I hope it's ok if I follow your blog